Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Just a few days back there was a hoopla which I enjoyed very much. My bb kept on buzzing as my colleagues and friends exchanged hugs and kisses and halaluas  on passing their various exams. My head just like my bb was buzzing with the excitement. Then I received a terrible news. A friend of mine had just witnessed a tornado. It swiped through spreading its devastation in its path. My prayers go out to those injured and lost to us. A miracle and thank God my friend and her family survived.
But going through this seesaw of emotions just reminded me what life is about. Here we are enjoying everything when smack , we are reminded of greater things and miracles.
We burn our midnight lamps bent over textbooks, at times drooling as sleep beacons and we fight our lids from sweeping out the light. Then morning comes and as tension builds, knots twist in our bellies with the tick tock of the clock, as time approaches closer for these exams. Once all is done and spilled on those printed papers a sigh escapes. For some too quick and for some like a pressure cooker hissing out till a week goes by.
Now if a tornado hath "commeth" and sweeped those printed papers away, then all the midnight oil we had burnt and the sleepless nights we had spent wouldn't mean a thing. All the knots twisting in  our bellies would have been but for nothing. Just a slight of a hand and "poof" a tornado appears and "poof" it dies out...a disaster. Our lives and the purposes we find for our lives these days are so easily squashed.

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