Hi. I am Dr. Qureshi...my friends call me "Q".
I am a doctor currently working in a trauma unit in South Africa.
I am not a South African by birth but by marriage. I met my husband on the durban beach while I was vacationing about 12 years ago. It was a time when I was a tomboy and hated men.....and had my entire life planned out to the "T".I was going to accept the job offer in Germany and specialize in neurology . I was going to build a big mansion and adopt as many orphan kids as possible and go around the world doing voluntary medical work and live happily ever after!! Yes I know....how naive...I had underestimated Miss Fate. So as Ms.fate wanted, my hunk of a husband asked me to be his forever and I said "Are you absolutely sure, cause I can be an absolute b*#@h and I have a very short fuse...trust me you don't want to be with me" and I was thinking well if he changes his mind after that it will be an easy way out for me. But alas he didn't. He stuck around with me for 2 years during our long distance relationship....hurray for the internet,  and we got married 7 years ago in Durban and lived happily ever after.
So this is a blog about my ever after part with some nostalgic parts from the past. I am liberal , spiritual and get frustrated with people having tunnel vision....
My son has taught me to be tolerant and patient, a lesson I badly needed to learn.
And now if I ask my husband if he thinks he made a mistake choosing me 7 years ago, he very convincingly says "I love you more everyday". So either he has learnt the trick to keeping a girl by his side or he really means it.....either way life couldn't be better. :)