Saturday, June 18, 2011

Global Recession

To the many people who are reaching for their safes or beneath your beds for the feel of that cold hard metal that you think is the solution to your problems...think again.
I used to hate the used to fill my mouth with the bitter taste of bile...I used to hate checking my bank are a doctor and are supposed to be filthy rich. By filthy rich I mean Angelina-filthy rich. You should have an army of adopted children...besides your own. Atleast 3 children from every country in the world...Atleast 5 cars parked off in your garage. Atleast 3 mansions. And no name brands are out of the question.  Everything actually was going smoothly initially for doctors....we could see that glittering future at the horizon. We knew if we stuck around for 10 years in public hospitals or private soon we would be able to retire if we wished....then came the RECESSION.
I think I am handicapped when it comes to financial IQ. I could not understand why global recession would have such an impact on us. After all its just something broadcasted on BBC and everyone is supposed to believe it and accept it. We are supposed to accept it as an excuse for increasing cost of living and taxes and the poor service delivery. Infact if anything goes wrong in your life you blame it on global recession...If any one complains about your attitude ...its global recession...if you havent paid your road fine its because of recession... if your husband forgets to get bread on his way from work...its because of global recession....
I think recession is a good excuse to blame our short comings on. Its the steam from our pressure cookers.
SO instead of twisting our guts into knots and bows whenever we check out our bank balances, think of recession...and how it has helped us...........atleast with good jokes and laughs.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Once a colleague of mine said that children are adorable till you need to change their diapers. Well to me the best thing ever is cleaning my baby's plump , cute, smooth bum. You see I am a bum person. My husband knows it and so does my 3 year old. They both are BomBom people....they look at the fronts while I appreciate the rears.
If only life were as smooth as the bums and bomboms... I look back at times when I was a little girl growing up in sand dunes in emirates under the hot scorching sun. The world was a very big place then. No man visible till the horizon for days. It was the story of a century when someone raped another . It was the first crime I had heard of and I was 11 yrs then.
We have gone ahead too fast and too furiously in our time. It seems like a lifetime has been crammed into 10 years or so. A lifetime of technology, communication advancements, medical breakthroughs including gene manipulation and the list just goes on and on....
After all we are the most intelligent species in the world....I cannot account for the universe. That territory is still a question mark.
It has been said that "God created in pairs". Every male  has a female species, a negative point has a positive point, matter has antimatter   and good has its evil.
Mr Newton further complicated things by saying "To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction". 
So we are made in pairs having paired emotions, good and evil , and we basically have a need to react to everything shoved at us. We make and we just have to break. 
The world wars we have fought with the atomic bombs invented and used  are testimony to the darker, vampire side of human nature. We have come up to the status of "Count Dracula" by inventing nuclear bombs...
Now lets look at the poor people who didn't have the means to do all that....they invented "mob justice". They invented special ops armed robbery and grand theft auto! very lucrative. And for those who were left behind...the psychs which society created. They turned to good old fashion barbarism...killing even those who want to help them, the "public servants".
So while we are born with smooth bums and bomboms, these are soon lost to the sharps behind our supple lips...what a thrill a Damon inside each one of us!