Friday, July 15, 2011

A Cup of Coffee with a King

There are reasons why certain things have a more profound impact in our lives than others. There are reasons why we tend to remember our tragedies more easily than the good times in our lives. It’s for survival.
Fred & Friends Fisticup Metallic-Handled Ceramic Mug For survival we remember that touching a hot steaming cup of coffee can burn us. Same way tragic events are imbedded into our nervous system to be easily accessed to prevent future calamity and hence for our survival. We have to teach ourselves everyday to remember the good in our life. Whereas  when asked what was our worst experience a light bulb starts flashing immediately on top of our heads and we start prating away the list of horrible things that have led us to be as we are now. But it’s not only the bad that has happened to us that make us. We are who we are not because of the experience but because of the way we let these experiences make us feel.
There was a time when someone screaming at me would have made my blood boil into my eyes till I saw red….yes those teenage years when you are hormonally challenged more than ever. Days when most teenagers journals would read as follows:
“Oo thorn burrow so fast
Thorn burrow deep
My finger move not alas
As I lay in a heap
Of agony and turmoil
Twisting pain rising up bile
As the anger plots schemes so foil
Avenge thee I will and then smile
Till then a dark mask for my face
Hover I will like death fallen from grace”.

 No amount of education be it from your high school or college or university, teaches us how to manage life and our emotions in a constructive way. We learn it along our meandering path of life and die still learning. Our MBA’s, MDs, PhDs stand no chance in weathering this life successfully if we cannot learn the most important thing in life that no normal school teaches. Our daily newspaper or news stations on TV are a testimony to that. WE very easily fall for the easy way out to explain our short comings…our short fuses. And our usual explanation is that “We are humans”. What we forget is that every species must evolve for survival. Every species must improve itself, must learn the most important lesson of life...  A lesson that holds the answer to all our riddles, to control our feelings and reactions. They say “He is King who can conquer his own mind”. So are you "him"?

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